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What's the difference between photo editing and photo retouching? - Photo editing is the process of reviewing, selecting, and adjusting large quantity of images.  Professional photographers spend hours going through this process before clients see images.  Photo retouching is altering and manipulating one image, which is the typical process given to each image in the final selection for a client.  More time is spent on one image, making the retouching more natural looking with more detail.

How does the process work for professional photographers? - If you haven't already received your invite to upload your images to us, please fill out this quick questionnaire and we will send you the invite right away.  Once you have accepted the invite, you'll be able to fill out the order form and upload your images.  You have the option of paying first or being invoiced later, upon completion of payment you will receive a link to download your final edits.  You can choose from downloading your entire submission, just the XMPs, or leave your order online and download only your choice selects.

What are XMPs? - XMPs are your RAW files' little buddy.  They hold all the data for the adjustments made to your images. And they are smaller files, so they're great to download if you have slow internet. Here's a nice little discussion about XMPs at The Photo Forum. 

I have slow internet, do I have to upload my order? - No, you can ship your drive to us with your order and we'll ship back your drive with your completed order We also have portable flash drives which you can borrow and we'll pay the shipping! Your order will still be available online for collaboration with Digital Photo Finish, and your client.

I only have one image, can I still use your services? - Of course!  Fill out the order form with your desired modifications and upload your image.  Once finished and payment has been completed you will receive a link to download your image.